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If you hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL), a traffic violation can have an even greater impact on you than the average driver. Your livelihood depends on your driver’s license, so avoiding license suspension is essential. At McIlhinney Law Group, we fight to help our clients retain their commercial driving privileges and avoid points on their licenses.

Why is a Commercial Driving Ticket More Serious?

Receiving a ticket for driving illegally is never a pleasant experience, and a commercial vehicle driver faces special scrutiny due to the increased responsibility they have. Violations for noncommercial vehicles are usually less serious, but any type of moving violation for a commercial driver can result in severe consequences. Commercial drivers often have to observe more strict regulations and therefore have higher accountability.

Furthermore, depending on the severity of the violation or disregard for public safety, fines can be significant and license revocations are not unheard of. Because their job revolves around transporting people and goods from place to place safely, it's important that commercial drivers adhere to the rules of the road at all times.

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Georgia's High-Risk Zones for Commercial Driving Tickets

Georgia is a great state for drivers, but commercial truckers should be aware that most driving tickets in the state occur on major highways and turnpikes. In particular, I-75 and I-85 are the hot spots for tickets, as this is where traffic can become congested, or even stalled. Keeping an eye on traffic patterns and avoiding any sudden changes in speed can help cut down on citations and make the roads safer for everyone around you. Additionally, many of these roads run near cities such as Atlanta and Savannah, increasing their risk factor. Drivers must take extra care to maintain their composure when having to navigate these areas. Taking heed of the safety guidelines from the state and exercising defensive driving skills will ensure commercial drivers stay out of trouble while navigating Georgia's highways.

What Could Disqualify You From Commercial Driving in GA?

Certain violations may disqualify you from obtaining a commercial license. These violations do not result in a suspension for a normal driver’s license. This means that, even if your driver’s license isn’t suspended, you will not be able to drive commercially.

Disqualifications for a CDL include:

  • Major traffic offenses – Results in a one-year disqualification for a first conviction and a lifetime disqualification for a second conviction
  • Serious traffic offenses – No disqualification for a first offense; 60 days for a second offense; 120 days for a third offense
  • Railroad grade crossing violations – 60-day disqualification for a first offense; 120-day disqualification for a second offense; one-year disqualification for a third offense
  • Violations of out-of-service orders – Up to one year of disqualification for a first offense; up to five years disqualification for a second offense; at least three but up to five years disqualification for a third offense.

In addition to the loss of your commercial driving privileges, your career could be at risk. Many companies won’t keep drivers after a disqualification due to their own policies or insurance requirements. Many insurance companies drop commercial drivers who accrue more than two points on their licenses. If you do keep your insurance, the premiums may increase significantly.

Legal Strategies to Combat CDL Traffic Tickets in Georgia

If a speeding ticket, moving violation, or logbook violation is threatening your employment, you need an attorney on your side right away. Our attorney for commercial drivers in Georgia can assess your situation and discuss the possible legal strategies that may be used to help you avoid the harsh penalties of a CDL traffic violation.

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