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Committing a traffic violation in Georgia often results in a ticket that is punishable by a fine, points on your driving record, and increased insurance rates. Unfortunately, most people just pay the fine and serve the penalties without a fight.

The truth is having an experienced traffic tickets attorney on your side can help you avoid these penalties.

Before you pay your ticket, McIlhinney Law Group can review your case, figure out your legal options, and do our best to get your case dismissed or reduced to keep off of your driving record without you having to appear at the courthouse!

With more than two decades of experience, Attorney Sean McIlhinney understands what it takes to obtain the most favorable result in your case.

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For many individuals, hiring a lawyer for a traffic ticket is worth the representation. A person who decides to represent themselves, lack the experience, violations and does not know the best strategies in each case.

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Cook Probate CourtCook County is located in South Georgia and approximately 30 miles from the Georgia / Florida state line.

Highway Interstate 75 (also known as I-75) runs through Cook County for approximately 18 miles.

There are six different Georgia policing agencies that police or write speeding tickets and violations on the Interstate 75 (I-75) section of highway that runs through Cook County, Georgia.

The six police departments that write violations are:

  1. Cook County Sherriff’s Department;
  2. Georgia State Patrol;
  3. Adel Police Department;
  4. Cecil Police Department;
  5. Sparks Police Department; and
  6. Lenox Police Department.

Tickets and violations that are written by the Sherriff’s Department and Georgia State Patrol are docketed in the Probate Courthouse.

Citations and traffic tickets that are received by drivers from the Adel Police Department are placed in the Adel Municipal Courthouse. If a driver receives a speeding ticket or traffic violation in Georgia from Cecil Police Department, the case will be placed on the Cecil Municipal Courthouse traffic ticket calendar.

When a police officer from the Sparks Police Department pulls a driver over and gives a speeding ticket or violation in Cook County, the ticket goes to the Sparks Municipal Court.

Traffic and speeding tickets that are given to drivers by a police officer from the city of Lenox Police Department, are transmitted to the Lenox Municipal Courthouse.

There are six exits on Highway Interstate 75 (I-75) for drivers to exit off the highway. The six exits for drivers on Interstate Highway 75 (I-75) are:

  1. Exit 32 – Interstate Highway 75, Cecil, Cook County, GA;
  2. Exit 37 - Interstate Highway 75, Adel, Cook County, GA;
  3. Exit 39 - Interstate Highway 75, Adel, Cook County, GA;
  4. Exit 41 - Interstate Highway 75, Sparks, Cook County, GA;
  5. Exit 45 - Interstate Highway 75, Sparks, Cook County, GA;
  6. Exit 49 - Interstate Highway 75, Lenox, Cook County, GA

Location of Traffic Courthouse

There are five different courthouses in Cook County, Georgia where traffic and speeding tickets are docketed and litigated by traffic attorneys.

The five courthouses are:

  1. Cook County Probate Court located at 212 N. Hutchinson Ave, # 2, Adel, GA 31620
  2. Adel Municipal Court located at 204 East 3rd Street, Adel, GA 31620
  3. Sparks Municipal Court located at 115 Colquitt Street, Sparks, GA 31647
  4. Lenox Municipal Court located at 15 E. Colquitt Ave., Lenox, GA 31637
  5. Cecil Municipal Court located at 134 W Roundtree Street, Cecil, GA 31627

Citation Information for Cook County Probate Courthouse

The Honorable Judge Chase Daughtrey is the traffic court judge at Probate Courthouse. The Honorable Judge Chase Daughtrey was elected to the bench by the citizens of Cook County in 2009 at the age of 26, and at the time was the youngest Probate Court Judge in the State of Georgia.

The prosecutor for probate courthouse speeding and traffic ticket cases is Solicitor General Matthew Bennett. The Clerk of Court in the probate courthouse is Gail White.

Hayden Willis and Lea Hazel are criminal defense attorneys and are the Public Defenders for indigent persons who are criminally charged.

The Cook County State Court Clerk’s phone number is 229-896-3941.

Citation Information for the City of Adel Municipal Courthouse

The Adel Municipal Courthouse is located at 204 East 3rd Street, Adel, GA 31620. There are 2 exits on Interstate Highway 75 in Adel, GA which are Exit 37 and Exit 39. The Honorable Judge David Sandbach is the Judge for the Adel Municipal Courthouse. Attorney Tim Tanner is the prosecutor.

The phone number for the Adel Municipal Courthouse is 229-896-2224 ext. 1300.

Citation Information for the Cecil Municipal Courthouse

The Cecil Municipal Court is located at 134 W Roundtree Street, Cecil, GA 31627. The phone number for the Cecil Municipal Court is 229-794-9999.

Cecil Municipal Court is a small city court that handles speeding and traffic violations in Cook County, and normally holds court once per month with hearings at nighttime starting at 7:00 p.m.

Traffic Information for the Lenox Municipal Courthouse

The Lenox Municipal Court is located at 15 E. Colquitt Ave., Lenox, GA 31637. The phone number is 229-546-4252. Lenox Municipal Court dockets traffic and speeding violations, and normally holds court three times per month starting at 4:30 p.m.

Traffic Information for the Sparks Municipal Courthouse

The Sparks Municipal Court is located at 115 Colquitt Street, Sparks, GA 31647. The phone number is 229-549-8211. The Honorable Judge Richard T. Kent is the Judge who presides over the court. The Court Clerk is Sonya Philpot.

Sparks Municipal Court has jurisdiction for speeding tickets and traffic violations within its city limit and court generally starts at 4:00 p.m.

Georgia traffic ticket lawyer Sean J. McIlhinney has more than 20 years of experience successfully fighting speeding and traffic ticket cases and working to keep speeding and traffic ticket cases off of his client’s DMV driving records! Attorney Sean J. McIlhinney has earned the well deserved reputation as one of Georgia's best traffic ticket attorneys in the state and handles over 100 Cook County, GA speeding and traffic violations yearly!

How We Can Help You

While some traffic offenses only lead to a citation, there are some that result in criminal charges. A conviction of a serious offense is punishable by a lengthy sentence behind bars, expensive fines, and a criminal record that can ruin your professional reputation and personal life.

Our traffic tickets attorney can investigate your arrest or citation, collect evidence, and develop an effective and personalized defense strategy on your behalf to fight the charges against you.

Do not hesitate to let our law firm protect your rights and best interests during the legal process.

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