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  • He said that he could accomplish that result, and he did!
    I contacted Sean for help with a traffic ticket. I was clear that I did not want the ticket to impact my driving record. He said that he could accomplish that result, and he did! The whole process was very easy for me. Sean knew the court and knew the prosecutor and successfully got me the result I wanted. I highly recommend his services. I didn’t even need to go to court.

    - David

    Categories: Traffic
  • Dismissal with the bonus of 'piece of mind' while waiting
    My friend was terrified and outraged when she received word about a TPO (Temporary Restraining Order) filed against her. She knew she was innocent and even thought she had a case against the person who filed this; also, she is bright and knows how to research things. But in the end there was just too much riding on the whole thing if the judge somehow bought the story of the accuser. After all, you never know what part of the law you do not know. We met with Sean McIlhinney. He listened to ensure that he had a good conceptual understanding of the situation and sifted through what potential evidence would be worthwhile. His calm but confident demeanor instantly put us both at ease. In the end, just as he suspected, Sean was able to get the whole mess dismissed. Another thing worth mentioning is that Sean took the case despite fact that he would have to make significant changes to his schedule as the court date collided with something he already had scheduled. This was going above and beyond for sure and it was SO appreciated!

    - Tom

    Categories: Criminal
  • Highly pleased with his Professionalism
    Sean managed to strike me a deal that saved my license. This is my second time using his services which is why I knew I could trust him in doing so. The very first time was roughly over 4 years ago regarding a speeding ticket which he was able to have dismissed. The second time around it was for two violations that would amount to 6 points total on my license. With only having to do community service and paying a fine I was set with no points and no insurance increase.

    - Former Client

    Categories: Traffic
  • Could not have asked for a better lawyer!

    Sean and his team did an incredible job with my traffic tickets. Both tickets were kept off my record and were all handled without me being there. Sean was flexible with me and my schedule got done exactly what he said he would. If I could give 10 stars I would this guy deserves it!

    - Josh

    Categories: Traffic
  • 95 in a 65
    I got a ticket for 95 in a 65 in Dunwoody... I was running late for work and didn’t pace myself like I should have... certainly a mistake of mine, however I asked the officer to reduce to a speed not classified as super speeder and he would not at all have any mercy. I immediately started searching online and came across a solid record by attorney Sean... so I hired Sean and initially the case was with dunwoody court but they would not play fair so Sean has the case moved to the higher court by Dekalb court... I’ve been in Atlanta for 3 years and out of those 3 years this was my first and only ticket.. well here it is July 15, 2019 and Sean was able to secure a speeding in excess of an unspecified amount... because it’s “unspecified” it does not impact my record.... all I had to do afterwards was pay a court fee and the case was closed! Sean... thank you!! I certainly recommend :)

    - Former Client

  • Review of a great attorney

    Outstanding Attorney did everything he said he was going to do. Sean showed me there are still some really great people out there whose word is their bond and that it means something. Thanks Sean....

    - Timothy

  • Great Attorney

    My case was resolved and I was very satisfied with the results that Sean my attorney and his team were able to deliver. Great service overall, I highly recommend them.

    - Tricia

  • Professional, Courteous, Great Communication
    I contacted Sean to handle 3 traffic tickets where I could not be present for the court date. He was prompt, professional, and efficient in getting all the information needed to plead my case in my absence. He did EXACTLY what he said he would do and the verdict was just as he predicted.

    Very happy I found a lawyer who is trustworthy! I highly recommend Sean if you are looking for this kind of representation.

    - Ryan

    Categories: Traffic
  • Results Driven

    Sean is a great communicator and sets realistic expectations.
    (Trustworthy , Professional, Efficient, & Excellent results.)

    Pulled over in Dunwoody for traffic violation. Sean was able to close out my Dunwoody Municipal Court traffic ticket case, as planned, by securing a reduction down to Basic Rules which is a non reportable disposition!!

    A non reportable disposition was the goal and is the equivalent of a Dismissal to the extent that the ticket will not appear on my driving record and will not impact my car insurance!!

    - Frank

    Categories: Traffic
  • Cops on yo Back????

    I got stopped for speeding 15 mph over. To complicat things further, I live in TX. Sean got My case dismissed. All I had to pay were lawyer fees. He refunded my advance ticket fees in full. He’s a great lawyer to have if you find yourself in a jam.

    - John

    Categories: Traffic
  • Soo grateful

    I just want to say Thank you to Sean and his awesome staff!! I am a parent of an FSU Student who got a super speeder ticket driving back through Georgia from a day trip. We live in CA so we had no idea how much more complicated a speeding ticket in GA is until we found information on a parents forum. I could not help but feel concerned for my son. A few lawyers, including Sean, were referred by other parents, but Sean was the only one to tell this mother from CA- that things were going to be ok. The other lawyers made me feel like they were already judging my son. He made a stupid mistake but he’s not a bad kid and Sean could see that. He couldn’t guarantee an outcome but he assured me he was going to try for him. And he did! He successfully was able to get his ticket reduced and have it not reported on his dmv record or get points and avoided the additional super speeder fee. In addition, my son didn’t even have to go to court either. We could not Thank Sean enough for the work he did! He was the best $ my son ever paid (yes, tough love, as parents we made him pay for all of it) Hope it won’t be happening again. Thanks again!

    - Sandy

    Categories: Traffic
  • Professional and caring law firm
    My case was handled professionally.
    All the team members treat customers as family.
    Helped me at each step of case.
    Very satisfied with over all service provided.
    Definitely will refer to any one who need help.
    Thank you very much.

    - Raja

  • Excellent! Highly Recommend!

    Mr. McIlhinney and his staff were prompt, courteous, and timely in handling and resolving an urgent matter. It was a pleasure to work with such an efficient attorney, I would highly recommend his services!

    - Former Client

  • Positive Experience and Positive Outcome!!

    This was my first time working with Sean. I retained him December of 2018 for a traffic ticket in Gwinnett county. He told me what to expect and communicated well through the whole process. Outcome of the case was just as he said - which was positive. I definitely recommend him to anyone. Let's hope I don't need him again, but if I do, I will do so without hesitation.

    - John

    Categories: Traffic
  • Sean is the best lawyer in ATLANTA hands down!!!

    Sean is the best lawyer in ATLANTA hands down!!! I hired Sean to help my husband fight a traffic citation resulting in an accident. My husband is a CDL driver so it's very important to keep his record clean. Sean was able to secure a dismissal of the case at the trial. We are both very happy with Sean. He was very professional and responsive at all times. I could not have made a better choice in choosing an attorney and would recommend this law firm to anyone. His services exceeded my expectations!

    - Devora

    Categories: Traffic
  • Driving on a Suspended license ticket

    He is one of the best I have ever seen. He got all my information charged me a fair price and settled my case in the matter of minutes of being in court and brought it to a basic law where it would not go on my record or impact my license. I will be using him for anything and everything I can in the future.

    - Logan

    Categories: Traffic
  • True Compassion

    Mr Mcllhinney is truly a compassionate and sincere lawyer. When i looked him up and called he returned my call very shortly. He immediately wanted to know what was the issue. Afterwards he told me what he specializes. He then arranged a meeting and went back and asked what were my problems. He immediately took charge and told me not to worry. He asked me to bring a copy of my defensive driving certificate, my driving record and other pertinent information. He was with me every step of the way and unlike other lawyers who judge you and treat you like another cash flow. He went and got the best deal for me.

    - Former Client

    Categories: Traffic
  • Great Experience!

    Sean Mcllhinney was one of the best people to work with, he helped me get the best outcome for my court case. I definitely recommend Sean to anyone out there that is looking for a lawyer!

    - Max

  • Best attorney in Georgia hands down

    He works hard and diligent to the best of his ability and gets the job done. what more is there to say I have a lot of confidence in this attorney thank you Sean for working with me I truly thank you for everything every chance I get I will keep on referring you.

    - Dessiah

  • 40 60 50 Citation

    The most outstanding traffic lawyer you are ever going to find! In very heavy traffic I wasn’t able to join the highway in time, never experienced anything like it. Mr Sean has not only swiftly understood the case, but also offered expert advice when I needed most. Doesn’t over charge, but gives you fairer choices and super help. I could sleep again, knowing he will bring my case to righteous conclusion with minimal hassle. Thank you so much.

    - Joanna

    Categories: Traffic
  • Thank You Sean

    The only reason i gave 5 stars is because i couldn't give more. Sean has been a godsend through my two cases and was friendly, caring, knowledgeable, and most of all effective. Thanks again Sean!

    - Sean

  • Best dui lawyer in GA

    He sat down with me and had a personal talk about my situation and worked with me to make a very reasonable fee for his services, and stayed with me the whole way through the process ensuring nothing was missed. Did an amazing job ad reducing/dropping my charges, and was most understanding of my financial situation and helped making a payment plan that worked out well. I will suggest him anytime anyone in his area needs proper representation. Thanks again Sean!

    - Niq

    Categories: Traffic
  • Dependable

    Very dependable and straight forward. When I started working with hum in a personal matter I never had to contact him to follow up. He always called or emailed me to give me updates.

    - Kyle

  • Recommendation
    I recently hired Sean to take care of an issue for me on a traffic violation
    He was able to work with the court on the clerical error and we achieved the outcome that we desired and I couldn’t be happier with Sean and the results and working with him. Sean’s relationships and knowledge of the issues is second to none in the Milton Alpharetta area .
    I highly recommend Sean for any traffic related issues and beyond !

    - Scott

    Categories: Traffic
  • Sean rocks!

    Sean handled matters with the highest empathy and professionalism. And, most importantly, he worked tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome. Can’t be happier with his service. Go with Sean McIlhinney, you won’t be disappointed.

    - David

  • Satisfied Client
    I was accused of a hit and run by a road raging woman who actually tried to run me off the road. I contacted Sean,who was very easy to get in touch with. After a phone consultation, i decided it was best to go with him as he seemed very knowledgeable and gave me hope in defending my name against malicious charges. Not knowing the process, I went with every suggestion he made at every turn. In the end, it came down to a bench trial, where I did not have to say a word in my defense except not guilty. Literally, within the first 30 seconds, Sean proceeded to destroy the malicious liar accusing me and had her so flustered that she was contradicting herself and became disrespectful in front of the court, all while he kept his respectful composure. It was beautiful. From his calculated strategy,which he informed me of right before trial, he was able to have my charges dropped and case dismissed. His performance was impressive and I thank him for clearing my name!!

    - Robert

    Categories: Traffic
  • Professional and Personable

    Sean McIlinney represented our 16 year old son for a speeding ticket in Juvenile Court. He was knowledgeable about the juvenile system and he gave excellent legal advice and preparation that led to a very positive outcome – turning the hearing into a teachable session focused on safety and responsibility without adverse consequences for driving record or insurance.

    - Former Client

    Categories: Traffic
  • Knowledgeable

    Sean McIIhinney and his team worked with my son and I to the end of the case which eventually resulting in a dismissal with expungement (great job!). The team showed professionalism and was very patient. I was very pleased with their service that being said if I ever have to obtain any legal counsel Sean McIIhinney will be the law firm I will be contacting.

    - Former Client

  • Excellent Service

    I consulted and then hired Mr Sean J Mclhinney for a traffic ticket - moving violation. He made sure the case was dismissed in Pre Trial. I would refer him to friends and family. You can hire him. He is good at what he does and was very genuine.

    - Shyam

    Categories: Traffic
  • The incident occurred in Georgia but I lived in Florida. I was able to have everything resolved without going back and forth.

    I contacted Sean to handle a legal issue that arose when I visited Georgia on vacation. He was very knowledgeable and informative about the nature and procedures surrounding my situation. Over the course of my case Sean was reachable by phone or email (even after normal business hours). I am very satisfied with how Sean and his staff handled my case. Every step was handled efficiently and expeditiously, I would definitely consider his office for any future issues if necessary.

    - Evelyn

  • Great Representation

    I have known Sean for many years. He recently represented a member of my family on some personal matters. I found Sean extremely accessible, honest and easy to work with throughout the process. He went well above and beyond to do what it took to ensure he was representing us to the fullest extent possible. We could not have asked for a better outcome in all ways possible.

    I have also referred a friend to him in the past who had been cited for DUI and received nothing but praise from my friend for the referral. I would not hesitate to refer Sean to anyone if you find yourself in need of great representation. Truly one of the good people in this world.

    As always, thanks Sean for all you do for us.

    - Barry

    Categories: Traffic
  • Best Lawyer 10/10.

    I was really amazed how well he helped me get through this and solved my case. Sean and his team are professional and experienced. I recommend him to anyone.

    - Farid

  • Trusted resource to help with traffic violations
    Sean and his firm recently helped my wife resolve an expired tag "incident". The punishment (pulled over, ticketed and then car impounded while my wife, kids and dog where left stranded on the side of the road) seemed unnecessarily harsh considering the vehicle registration was only $20. One call to Sean and he was able resolve our case by securing a reduction down to only a warning. No ticket. No fine. We are so thankful for how calm and reassuring Sean was during the entire process. My wife really felt like she could trust him. He is a true professional and even better person.

    - Ed

    Categories: Traffic
  • DUI Case

    Sean is a great lawyer and very knowledgeable in any traffic related incidents. With my DUI case, Sean was able to help me keep my license and worked out a deal which I was very happy with. He was there from day one and guided me through the full process. Once he heard my side of the story, he was able to tailor the case according to those facts and today I am walking away without a DUI conviction. I would definitely recommend Sean to anyone who needs assistance regarding DUI, Drug Defense or traffic tickets.

    - Former Client

    Categories: Traffic
  • Super Speeder
    Sean worked diligently to ensure the outcome of my case would be a positive one, since this being my second speeding violation within two years. With his expertise he was able to come to an agreement with the court — upon completion of a defense driving course & a deducted court fee. No points on my license and no increase on my insurance. This process was stress free and easy sailing, Sean is definitely one to consider. I must add that the driving defense course was great and very informative in addition to having an even cheaper insurance rate by submitting your certificate for the rate ! I wholeheartedly, recommend Sean Mcllhinney.

    - Adonne

    Categories: Traffic
  • Awesome Experience

    We hired Sean and his office for my under aged daughter who under normal circumstance would have lost her license for a year. Sean promised to help and try to keep her license. He sent Bob to court with us who was awesome. He explained everythin* and took care of everything. My daughter kept her license and reduced to no points! (And fees were very reasonable). Would definitely recommend his office to everyone! Thank you Sean and Bob!!

    - Tara

    Categories: Traffic
  • The BEST Traffic/Ticket Attorney ever!

    First I will say to everyone if you are in trouble with a ticket don't hesitate to call Sean!! I called Sean because my son received 2 tickets and 1 which was Reckless Driving ticket and another real Major Issue. I knew what he was facing and we were scared. Sean assured me he could help us. He is straight forward and there is no smoke and mirror with him. When I say Sean worked on our behave to get the tickets non-reported, no points on his license, no probation and he didn't have to report to court. Sean "worked" on our behave and got results for my son. We are so thankful to him and he will never know how much we appreciated him. "Thank you so much Sean for your hard work" - Seriously! His fees are reasonable!!!

    - Antosh

    Categories: Traffic
  • FTA dismissal

    Sean Mcllhinney and his team where professional, quick, stress free and affordable. Sean was responsive and organized throughout the amazingly quick process. He was able to get my case dismissed! You will be glad you chose him!

    - Tamara

    Categories: Traffic
  • A Great Choice

    Sean was a great attorney to represent me in a recent DUI arrest. His hard work, knowledge in his field, and perseverance allowed my charge to be reduced. His knowledge in his field is unparalleled and his ability to negotiate win-win solutions with prosecutors always benefits his clients. I would definitely recommend using him.

    - Bill

    Categories: Traffic
  • Save your record, hire Sean!
    I retained Sean McIlhinney after being pulled over for speeding and reckless driving. He was able to get the charges reduced to a single speeding ticket, which was a great outcome. Sean's office was very responsive and easy to communicate with. I was impressed to learn that if his office phone is busy, calls go directly to Sean's cell! Talk about going above and beyond. His fees were very reasonable, they definitely paid for themselves. After seeing the difference between going to traffic court without an attorney and having an advocate to represent me, I will NEVER deal with any traffic issues alone again! Definitely hire Sean.

    - Jill

    Categories: Traffic