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If you have recently received a traffic ticket in Turner County, you may be wondering what steps you should take. Rather than pay your ticket immediately or simply ignore it, you must first obtain legal advice from an experienced attorney to understand your available legal options and help you avoid serious penalties.

Georgia traffic ticket attorney Sean J. McIlhinney

At McIlhinney Law Group, we help individuals facing minor and serious traffic offenses. With more than two decades of legal experience, our Turner County traffic ticket lawyer knows what it takes to help his clients keep their ticket off of their driving record without ever having to appear at court or getting their cases dismissed entirely. We can review your case and determine all your available legal options for the best possible outcome in your case.

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Turner County is located in the south central part of Georgia. Highway Interstate 75 (also known as I-75) runs through the heart of Turner County for approximately 15 miles. The following Exits on Highway Interstate 75 (I-75) can be found in Turner County: Exit 75, Exit 78, Exit 80, Exit 82, and Exit 84.

There are many traffic tickets that are written by the 3 police agencies which patrol Turner County: (1) Turner County Sheriff's Department, (2) Georgia State Patrol and (3) Ashburn Police Department. One of the reasons that there are many tickets written in Turner County is because there is more than 15 miles of wide open Interstate highway which normally has little traffic that tends to cause drivers to drive faster than what they normally may do.

Turner County, GA Traffic Courts

There are two traffic courts in Turner County, Georgia:

  1. Turner County State Court
  2. Ashburn Municipal Court

Turner County State Court

The Turner County State Courthouse is located at 219 E. College Street, Ashburn, GA 31714. The Turner County State Court Clerk’s address is 223 “A” Monroe Ave., Ashburn, GA 31714. Turner County State Court normally gives a Defendant 45 days to resolve their ticket after receiving the ticket from a Turner County Police Officer or Georgia State Trooper.

The Honorable Judge John Holland is the traffic court judge at Turner County State Court. The prosecutor for traffic tickets in Turner County State Court is Stephen Ivie. The Clerk of Court for the Turner County State Court is Mary Lee Green. The Turner County State court phone number is 229-567-0490.

Ashburn Municipal Court

The Ashburn Municipal Court has court hearings on various Tuesday evenings at 5:00 p.m. at the same location as Turner County State Court which can be found at 219 E. College Street, Ashburn, GA 31714. The Clerk’s office for the City of Ashburn is located at 121 E. Madison Ave., Ashburn, GA 31714. The Honorable Judge Ray Holland is the Judge for the Ashburn Municipal Court.

Georgia traffic ticket attorney Sean J. McIlhinney is a seasoned criminal defense lawyer with over 24 years of legal experience with an excellent track record of success in Turner County State Court and Ashburn Municipal Court! Attorney Sean J. McIlhinney has earned the reputation as of Georgia's best traffic ticket attorneys in the state and handles approximately 250 traffic ticket cases per year in Turner County State Court and Ashburn Municipal Court!

Although the facts of each traffic ticket case in Turner County State Court and Ashburn Municipal Court is different, Attorney Sean J. McIlhinney can normally resolve most ticket cases in both courts so that the ticket does not appear on his client’s driving record without the client having to appear at court!

How Our Turner County Traffic Attorney Can Help You

Turner County Courthouse

When law enforcement officials pull you over or when you receive a traffic ticket in the mail, you may be tempted to pay off the fine and keep going forward with your life. However, paying a traffic ticket can lead to points being added to your driver’s license—which could result in driver’s license suspension—and your insurance premiums may increase.

If you have been charged with a serious traffic offense, a conviction may result in jail or prison time. That is why it is important to let our Turner County traffic ticket attorney figure out what’s best for you.

Our firm handles the following types of traffic violation charges in Turner State Court:

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Whether you are a driver who is under 21 years of age, a commercial driver, or even an out-of-state driver, we have handled hundreds of traffic cases to help all types of drivers in Turner County. We can investigate your case, collect evidence, and build a strong and personalized defense strategy to protect your rights and future. Let us help you put a simple mistake or misunderstanding behind you for good.

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County Traffic Ticket Attorney.

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  • Not Guilty DUI and Speeding (Fulton County State Court)
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