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Traffic Ticket News

  • 20.04.12

    The Georgia Department of Driver Service is the administrative agency that issues (and acts to suspend) a driver's license in Georgia.  If you are convicted of any of the following charges (in or outside of Georgia), your driver's license will be suspended:

    1. Homicide by vehicle.

    2. A conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

    3. Any felony in the commission of which a motor vehicle is used.

    4. Using a motor vehicle in fleeing or attempting to elude an officer.

    5. Fraudulent or fictitious use of, or application for a license.

    6. Hit and run or leaving the scene of an accident.

    7. Racing.

    8. If you refuse to take a chemical test for intoxication, then your license will be suspended for 12 months through the administrative license suspension process.

    9. Operating a motor vehicle with a revoked, canceled, or suspended registration in violation of OCGA 40-6-15.

    10. Conviction for driving without insurance is a 60/90-day suspension.

    11. If convicted for driving while license is suspended, revoked or canceled, your driver's license will be further suspended for six months.

    12. If you fail to appear in court or respond to a citation, your license may be suspended indefinitely.

    13. Your driver's license will be suspended if you are convicted of possession, distribution, manufacture, cultivation, sale or transfer of a controlled substance or marijuana.

    14. The Department is authorized to suspend your license if its records or other evidence shows that you have accumulated 15 points within 24 months under the point system, including violations committed out of state.

  • 26.03.12
    In addition to any other fines or penalties imposed by the Court, the Georgia Department of Driver Services will impose a fee of $200.00 on any driver convicted of speeding of 85 miles per hour or more on any road or highway or 75 miles per hour or more on any two-lane road or highway. Once convicted of one of these offenses, the driver is classified as a "super speeder" in Georgia.
  • 03.04.09
    Our Georgia speeding ticket lawyers are experienced in helping people charged with speeding in high intensity traffic enforcement areas. There are several jurisdictions throughout Georgia that are known for writing countless speeding citations. If you have been cited for speeding in Tift County, Monroe County, Atlanta,  Port Wentworth, or any other jurisdiction throughout the State of Georgia, do not hesitate to contact our office.
Georgia Under 21 Speeding Lawyer | Under 21 Speeding Law in Georgia |

Our Georgia traffic ticket attorneys have significant experience in handling speeding tickets and traffic tickets in Georgia for under 21 drivers.  Georgia traffic law is very strict for under 21 drivers because it provides that if you are under 21, the Georgia Department of Drivers Services will suspend your Georgia drivers license for 6 months for any traffic ticket in which the under 21 Georgia driver accrues 4 or more points.

An under 21 Georgia driver will accrue 4 or more points if he or she is found guilty of speeding 24 mph or more over the posted limit, reckless driving, aggressive driving, and many other tickets.  And if you are an under 21 Georgia driver and have already suffered a 6 month license suspension for 4 or more points, a second license suspension for an additional 4 point ticket will unfortunately last for 12 months.  The Georgia Department of Driver Services will NOT allow an under Georgia 21 driver a limited permit to drive to work or school if your Georgia drivers license is suspended.  As you can see, if you are an under Georgia 21 driver it is extremely important to have a Georgia speeding ticket attorney review your citation to determine if your Georgia drivers license is subject to being suspended.  And if you are an out of state driver who is under 21, your drivers license may also be in jeopardy and subject to being suspended if you are convicted of a 4 point or more Georgia driving offense.

Georgia traffic law is even more strict if you are Under 18 years.  For under 18 drivers, the Georgia Department of Driver Services will suspend the under 18 Georgia driver's license if he or she accrues 4 or more points within a 12 month period determined based upon the dates of the tickets.  And, if you are a Georgia driver and under 17 years old, your case will be removed from the Georgia traffic court where you were ticketed to a Georgia Juvenile Court either based upon the county of your residence or county where the ticket occurred.

Georgia traffic law states that an under 21 Georgia driver is NOT permitted to enter a plea of no contest which is also known as nolo contendere.  And if a judge unknowingly accepts a plea of no contest for an under 21 driver to a 4 or more point offense, the Georgia Department of Driver Services will still suspend the under 21 Georgia drivers license for 6 months for a first license suspension.  Some times our Georgia traffic attorneys can actually secure reinstatement of your Georgia drivers license if you are under 21 by filing certain motions to reopen your Georgia traffic ticket case.  We can evaluate your situation if you are an under 21 Georgia driver and your Georgia drivers license has already been suspended for 4 or more points and let you know if we can help!

For all of these reasons, it is absolutely necessary to have an experienced Georgia traffic ticket attorney review your citation to determine if your Georgia drivers license is subject to being suspended.  Georgia traffic ticket lawyer Sean McIlhinney is focused on handling your Georgia traffic ticket case and is able to give you a complete evaluation and fee quote once he knows the court, charge and your driving history.  Our Georgia traffic ticket attorney have a tremendous command of Georgia traffic laws and very good relationships with the many Georgia traffic courts that we practice in.  As such, our Georgia traffic lawyers are often times able to negotiate an under 21 Georgia driver's ticket to a lesser offense to save our client's drivers license.  And if we are not able to negotiate a license savings deal, our Georgia traffic lawyers have the knowledge and trial experience to challenge the case at trial.  In fact, founding partner Sean J. McIlhinney was recognized in 2009 in 2 different surveys of attorneys and judges alike throughout the State of Georgia by Georgia Trend magazine and Atlanta magazine as a "Super Lawyer" for his Georgia traffic ticket and DUI work.

Please e-mail or call us today if you are an under 21 Georgia driver and have a Georgia traffic citation in any Georgia traffic court OR your Georgia drivers license has already been suspended.  We will give you a free evaluation and fee quote.